Delicious Malay Food Catering with Saffrons

Delicious Malay Food Catering with Saffrons

Love tasty food? So do we! Saffrons bring you amazing Malay food for any event. 

Our special dishes? Briyani Bento, Nasi Minyak, and Vegetarian Bentos. Perfect for your next big gathering or a small get-together at home.

We've got some amazing dishes that everyone will love. Our Briyani Bento mixes fragrant rice with tasty, spiced meat, all in one handy box. It's a flavour-packed meal that's perfect for any event. 

Then there's our Nasi Minyak, a fancy rice dish made with ghee and spices, ideal for making any gathering feel special. And for those who love veggies, our Vegetarian Bentos are just the thing. They're full of tasty vegetables and so good that even meat lovers will want more. Whether you're throwing a big party or just having a few friends over, these dishes are sure to make your event a hit.

Why Choose Malay Food Catering from Saffrons?

  • Tasty Dishes: Our food is full of flavors that everyone loves.
  • For Everyone: Meat lovers, seafood fans, and vegetarians – we have dishes for all.
  • It's Special: Every dish tells a story. It's not just food; it's a tradition.

Saffrons' Best Dishes

We make sure you get the best Malay food experience:

  • Briyani Bento Set: Rice and meat cooked just right.
  • Nasi Minyak: A dish made with ghee, perfect for weddings.
  • Vegetarian Bento: Delicious options for those who prefer veggies.

What Makes Saffrons Special?

A Kitchen Full of Magic

Our kitchen is where we make all the delicious food. Here's what's special about it:

  • Old Meets New: We keep traditions alive but also use new ways to cook.
  • Big or Small, We Do It All: We can handle any size of order without losing quality.
  • We Care About What We Serve: Only the best ingredients go into our food.

We Cater for All Events

Big wedding or small office lunch? We're ready. With Saffrons:

  • You Choose: We can change our menu to fit your event.
  • Trust Us: We're licensed, Muslim-owned, and Halal certified.
  • We Aim to Please: Making sure you're happy is our top priority.


Why Pick Saffrons for Malay Food?

We love making food that tastes great and brings people together. That's why customers love us.

Can I Ask for Something Special?

Sure! Tell us what you want, and we'll do our best to make it happen.

How Early Should I Order?

Order as soon as you can, but we can also handle last-minute requests.

In Conclusion

Saffrons is here to make your event special with our Malay food catering. From family meals to big parties, we bring guaranteed satisfaction to Malay tastebuds

Ready to make your next event a hit? Check out our catering packages today. With Saffrons, every meal is a reason to celebrate.

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